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Hexagon neoprene dumbbell is dipped dumbbell with brushed surface offers a comfortable and non-slip grip.Flat sides on both ends keep the dumbbell from rolling and sliding.

Hex Bar

Hex Bar

Olympic Trap Bar is made from high quality steel. Diamond shaped texture on the bar offers a comfortable and non-slip grip. The raised handles and hexagonal frame allows for easier pick up from the ground and reduce the strain on your hands and back.

Over 30 Years Weight Training Equipment | Fitness Equipment Manufacturer | Alex, Alexandave, Alex Athletics

Based in Taiwan, Alexandave Industries Co., Ltd., since 1980, is a fitness equipment & weight training equipment (Dumbbell, Olympic Plate, Olympic Bar) OEM manufacturer. The ALEX brand is synonymous with quality and value and had since enjoyed popular demand in the European, Japanese, and parts of North American market.

ALEX is capable of providing SGS certified gym and fitness equipment, including fitness accessories, gym equipment storage racks, combat training equipment, yoga mats, wellness tools and sport braces and cardiovascular accessories.

Alex, Alexandave, Alex Athletics has been offering customers high-quality fitness and sporting goods since 1980, both with advanced technology and 38 years of experiences, Alex, Alexandave, Alex Athletics ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Kettlebell-C1

    Competition Kettlebells made of cast iron for proffesional use. Size of the kettlebells is the same across all weight range, making it easier to hold its center of gravity, and allows more versatile training exercises.

  • Hex Kettlebell-T1
    Hex Kettlebell-T1

    <p><strong>Made in Vietnam</strong></p> ALEX Kettlebell의 주철 본체와 일체형 용접 핸들로 견고하고 내구성 있는 구조를 제공합니다. 표면은 도장처리가 되어 있어 방청성 및 유지보수성이 우수합니다. 두 가지 모두에 대한 전체 범위의 가중치home및 상업용 체육관 사용.

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